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Altro Whiterock

Altro Whiterock

Altro Whiterock: Versatile, Hygienic, Safe

If you own a laboratory, clean room or any other type of room in a healthcare setting, you need the cleanest possible surfaces. And that includes your walls. Here at Central Illinois Commercial Flooring, we offer Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding. This cladding is impact resistant, grout-free and easy to clean. So, this high-performance option is aesthetically pleasing as well as safe. And it is crafted from PVC-U polymer that can resist temperatures of up to 140°F. Ideal for healthcare and food production industries, Altro Whiterock comes in a variety of neutral shades. We have what you need to fit your current décor.

As such, Altro Whiterock wall cladding is best when used in conjunction with Altro floors. That’s because they work together in an integrated system. Our experts are highly trained in heat welding Altro Whiterock on site. The result? A smooth, durable finish built to last.

Altro Whiterock

Benefits of Altro Whiterock

There are many reasons why our clients choose Altro Whiterock for their wall cladding needs. This product is:

  • Free of biocides
  • Impervious to fluids
  • Best when used with integrated flooring and walling system
  • Able to be heat welded on site
  • Easy to clean with low maintenance costs
  • Hygienic
  • And watertight

Central Illinois Commercial Flooring is your trusted locally owned and operated provider. We have 40 years of experience and are certified in flooring applications of all types. Rest assured, our qualified team will complete your project on-time and on-budget, backed by continuous site supervision. We also have Furniture and Partition Lifting Systems to keep the job hassle free. Thus, we are proud of the strong manufacturer and supplier relationships we have been able to maintain over the years. This is particularly so with Altro Whiterock.

In conclusion, this hygienic wall cladding is best for:

  • Shower stalls
  • Spas and pool decks
  • Operating rooms
  • Pharmaceutical labs
  • Clean rooms
  • Scrub rooms
  • Sterile rooms
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Finally, food manufacturing plants

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