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Custom Patterns & Designs

Custom Patterns & Designs

Choose From Custom Patterns and Designs

The ability to customize your commercial flooring is imperative, as you have a certain décor and style to work with. Luckily, we have the patterns and designs you’re looking for thanks to a variety of manufacturers and suppliers that we work with. So, hiring Central Illinois Commercial Flooring means you can trust that we will provide continuous site supervision, and always be on the lookout for possible problems. Also, we find solutions to those problems and take into consideration any concerns you may have. Many of our clients don’t want a cookie cutter solution to their flooring. They want to stand out and look different from the competition. They also want flooring that is in line with their logo, brand and image. That’s where our custom patterns and designs come in.

Central Illinois Commercial Flooring, a locally owned and operated company, has the flooring products that work with your industry. Consequently, let us address your flooring needs today efficiently and Affordable. From >Moisture Mitigation to Floor leveling, we have you covered.

What We Offer

Central Illinois Commercial Flooring has been in business for more than 40 years meeting and exceeding the flooring needs of our clients. Whether you own a retail store, doctor’s office, lab or medical center, we can match you with the perfect patterns, colors and designs. We frequently work with these trusted manufacturers:

As you can see, we place a great emphasis on quality products!

Already have an occupied office? We make it hassle free with our Furniture and Partition Lifting System.

If your company has a large amount exposure to water, heavy foot traffic and extreme weight loads check out our Protect-All Flooring today!

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So, let’s sit down for a consultation and go over the many patterns and designs we can offer you. Call Central Illinois Commercial Flooring at (309) 693-8800 or email us at today. Thus, we would be happy to customize a solution for your business needs.