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Infection Control and Life Safety

infection control and life safety

Infection Control and Life Safety: Choose Our Flooring Products

Clean flooring is an absolute must in sterile environments such as hospitals, clean rooms and labs. Ensuring infection control and life safety for patients and employees is critical, and it all starts from the bottom up. The key to preventing Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) is to install high-quality, hygienic, versatile flooring. This flooring is designed to inhibit the growth and spread of infections. Those infections can range from MRSA to Norovirus to C Difficile, all of which can be very dangerous and even deadly to contract. Central Illinois Commercial Flooring can help you foster a healthier and more hygienic environment for your hospital. Our flooring products also work in other industries where cleanliness is a must, such as food processing.

infection control and life safety

Why Us?

Central Illinois Commercial Flooring is your source for flooring that meets infection control and life safety requirements. We have been in business for more than 40 years. Thus, our qualified team has the skill and training to complete your project on-time and on-budget. You get the support of many proven manufacturers and suppliers. In addition, we often work after-hours so as not to disrupt the normal routine of your hospital, store or office.

Our infection control and life safety products are non-porous, feature high dimensional stability and are bacteriostatic. They’re also resistant to water, stains and chemicals, with low emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Our stain-resistant, waterproof and durable flooring can withstand a lot of heavy foot and wheel traffic. Choose from a variety of vinyl and tile flooring types in the patterns and colors you want for your décor.

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